Canada Revenue Agency forces us to take an annual account of what happened how much money we made or lost. Most business owners see this as an inconvenience, but the savvy business owner (and accountant) also sees this as an opportunity to identify problems or negative trends and plan for future success.

Timeliness is a top priority – financial information loses its usefulness as it ages and so we make an effort to prompt you to be quick and we expect the same from ourselves. It normally takes us about 3 weeks between from drop off to completion.

The process:

  • Immediately following your year-end, we will send you a checklist to help you gather everything that is needed.
  • You drop off or send us electronic documents and accounting backup files
  • We will work through your accounting records, complying with various statutory and regulatory requirements, and at the same time maximizing your tax savings.
  • The tax return and financial information will be reviewed by a partner and additional planning opportunities will be identified for discussion with you.

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